El Baraka Libyan Food Industries Company is a Libyan joint stock company established since 2007   and the headquarters of the factory (Sidi Saieh- near the palm project)
One of our main concerns is the food industry in general, and the packaging and packaging of milk and juices in particular at this stage.
Stay up to date with international quality with Libyan Arab hands.


Our Objectives
The future .. The company aims through the adoption of its five-year plan that the company has many lines in the field of food industries

Al Baraka Libyan Food Industries Company currently owns a milk production line (Al-Tajaje-Al-Rehab) with UHT. The company aims to produce the three types of milk recovered (Kamel-Minil-Dezou) to meet the needs of the Libyan market.



Our vision
The quality of the product is the first and basic criterion from which the starting point is started. It is a red line that can not be tolerated by any scale. The Libyan industry can only be produced by following the correct requirements and applying the highest standards (international or local) approved in the dairy, General .
The human element is one of the most important and fundamental elements in the production process in general. Hence, the Board of Directors has taken the responsibility to focus on attracting human elements, attention and skill through their training and continuous development in order to reach a healthy and healthy product according to all international standards.